Aloha Toronto SUP Race



Team Aloha.

Thank you to everyone for participating in the 2013 Aloha Toronto Race. Mahalo nui loa to our ohana Surf Ontario for putting on a great race. Many thanks to our ohana in the windsurf, surf and SUP community for supporting our annual event.

2013 results:

Men’s Elite Race:

  1. Chris Stringer 35:09 minutes
  2. Aaron Pilon 36:34 minutes
  3. Derek Schrotter 36:41 minutes
  4. Attila Buday 37:11 minutes
  5. Ivan Dimic 37:31 minutes
  6. Antonio Bruzzese 38:01 minutes
  7. Michael Shir 40:19 minutes
  8. Steve Amaral 42:46 minutes
  9. Ken Sanford 42:48 minutes
  10. Russ Dewar 44:09 minutes
  11. Jared Callahan 44:10 minutes
  12. Hugh Wilson 44:57 minutes
  13. Jeff Dunsford 47:50 minutes
  14. Tom McNair 49:49 minutes
  15. Greg Moon 50:48 minutes

Women’s Elite Race:

  1. Chanda Reid 39:53 minutes
  2. Ariel Amaral 40:59 minutes
  3. Nadia Baer 41:41 minutes
  4. Tracey Finlay 42:00 minutes
  5. Stacey Anderson 45:17 minutes
  6. Nancy Hamilton 47:52
  7. Wendy Perkins 49:18 minutes
  8. Yvonne Liu 49:47 minutes
  9. Kathy Clarke 51:05 minutes
  10. Jannay Tonnos 56:41 minutes

Men’s Leisure Race:

  1. Al Mortier 15:26 minutes
  2. Vincent Laugier 16:42 minutes
  3. Adrian Wong 17.22 minutes
  4. Warren Won 17:22 minutes
  5. Wyatt Buffey 27:03 minutes

Women’s Leisure Race:

  1. Lisa Booth 19:20 minutes
  2. Nancy Sinclair 19:38 minutes
  3. Maya Jurasz 24:06 minutes

Leisure 20 and under:

  1. Natalie Stringer 18:31 minutes
  2. Lucas Stringer 21:39 minutes
  3. Alison Castillo 22:24 minutes
  4. Cade Tonnos 36:22 minutes
  5. Jaxon Gravlev 37:45 minutes

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  1. Ariel Amaral says:

    Myself and my husband will be signing up for the Elite race but now that there re two of us racing, I’m trying to avoid signing up online as the credit card is getting full this summer. Can we register for the race the morning of in person or at the white party on Friday?

    • admin says:

      Sorry Ariel, you message ended up in spam : (
      Glad you made it to the race! Your result was fantastic, congratulations.
      Thank you kindly for your support of Aloha Toronto and our Surfers Healing dates in Toronto.

      Team Aloha

      • Ariel Amaral says:

        Thanks for your reply. It was such a fantastic weekend! Great job to all those involved. We were wondering when will the results for all racers be posted? Thanks again.

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